Locally ULC is involved in many social service mission.  See community outreach.

Beyond our borders (/international-mission/) we are supporting  the Village of Hope in Haiti.

Thank you for the support for the Village of Hope Christmas Project. A $120 check was sent to VOH to purchase 120 boxes of Jumbo Crayons.   An additional $155 was donated and this money is going to help with the LIFT sponsorship of their child.

A check for $6,720.00 was sent to VOH in June representing the 23 children that are sponsored through UELC. Another check will be sent at the end of the year with donations of members who pay monthly.
The following is from the thank you letter that was sent to UELC from VOH:
"The prayers and support of Village of Hope student sponsors make a difference in the lives of many people in Haiti. We are able to offer quality Christian education to over 600 students. We are working to fight malnutrition, provide better health, and offer dental and eye care for students and staff. Dedicated teachers, staff, mission team members, and volunteers enable us to keep administrative costs to a minimum so that we can focus on maintaining excellence in our Christian Education and Health Ministry."
"Most important, we depend on the support of caring Christians who know that through all of us, God can make a difference in Haiti."
Sponsorships can begin at any time during the year. Contact Janet Janke, UELC Lazarus Project Coordinator, for information.

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