Our Staff

Office hours: Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m   Phone: 352-373-6945

Our Pastor:  The Reverend Terrance Jacob  (pastor@ulcgainesville.com)

Pastor Terrance Jacob joined UELC in 2017 after being Director for Evangelical Mission, deployed staff of the ELCA church wide Domestic Mission Unit for 4 years, first at Sierra Pacific Synod, CA and then at the North Eastern Ohio Synod, NEOS, since August 2013. He was ordained in 1992 in South Africa, his country of birth. He was invited by the ELCA in the Twin Cities to leave that tropical part of the globe to pursue a call in the cold (mostly) yet inviting northern state of Minnesota. In the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Pastor Jacob served two ELCA congregations – one inner city and one suburban. His commitment to the Gospel and to the wider Church of Jesus Christ has led him, his wife, Crystal and two young-adult children, Kemuel and Sharai through an interesting journey to us in Florida.

Our Secretary Evelyn Simmons (info@ulcgainesville.com) Phone: 352-373-6945

Music Ministers: Our Pianist / Accompanist: Mose Choi (Minister of Music)

                                   Our Choir Director: Crystal Jacob (Minister of Music)

Our bookkeeper: Margaret McKinley