LIFT - Lutherans in Fellowship together

What:          Our Goal of (LIFT) Lutherans in Fellowship Together is twofold:
1. Fellowship among church members beyond what is feasible on Sunday mornings.
2. Education of church members in a variety of subjects ranging from social and community service opportunities,     university life, volunteer and travel experiences as well as personal spiritual, physical, and emotional health and safety.

When:          12 noon-1:30. Second Thursday of the month. A shared pot luck lunch followed by program

Where:         In the Kaiser Center at University Evangelical Lutheran Church

This month:

The LIFT topic for Thursday, Sept. 13, is Fake News.  Prof. Kim Walsh-Childers, a former newspaper reporter who has taught journalism and journalism-related topics at the University of Florida since 1990, will talk about how citizens can distinguish disinformation and misinformation from factual reporting. She also will explain why news consumers are inclined to see news as biased, even when it isn't, and how journalists are trained to distinguish facts from falsehoods.  She'll discuss how declining trust in legitimate news organizations is undermining democracy.
At UF, Walsh-Childers has taught courses in newswriting, magazine and feature-writing, journalism ethics, solutions in journalism, the role of media in society, mass communication theory and mass media impacts on health. She has a national reputation for her research and understanding of news coverage of health issues and mass media effects on individual health and health policy. She spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Ireland, teaching journalism ethics and conducting research on the influence of news coverage on Irish health policy development. Her 2017 book, "Mass Media and Health: Examining Media Impact on Individuals and the Health Environment," discusses how media content can influence individuals' health beliefs and subsequent behaviors. It also reviews how media coverage is believed to influence public health policy. At UF now, she is a member of an interdisciplinary team of faculty members working to create courses and other resources that will help students think critically about ethical issues in public life and to develop the skills to be effective moral agents in their professional, personal, and public lives.
Prof. Walsh-Childers was studying for her master's and doctoral degrees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when Bill Chamberlin was directing aspects of the graduate program there. The two were on the UF faculty together for nearly 20 years.
The LIFT potluck lunch starts at noon.  Prof. Walsh-Childers will start speaking at 1.