ULC Council

University Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and of the Florida-Bahamas Synod of the ELCA

The mission: of University Lutheran Church and Campus Ministry is:  To INVITE people to gather as a Christian family; to SHARE in worship, prayer and the sacraments; and to SERVE as disciples of Christ’s teaching. 

The name: The name, University Evangelical Lutheran Church, reflects our location directly across University Avenue from the University of Florida.  With this prime location we are able to have a church family which unites community congregation members with undergraduate and graduate students in our Campus Ministry program, as well as faculty and staff of the university.  We share in Sunday worship and support each other personally and in many activities.

History:  Congregation members of University Lutheran Church celebrated the church’s 60th Anniversary in April 2010.  The church began as Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, chartered in April 1950, meeting in a little house chapel with the first pastor called as a Mission Pastor.   Wanting to expand, a fraternity house on University Avenue was purchased.  The three floors of the former fraternity house were used for Lutheran student gatherings, the Pastor’s office, church suppers, a dormitory for Lutheran students, and, for a certain period, a coffee house.  The congregation was able to obtain the lot next door on the corner of West University Avenue and 19th Street.  In 1956 the congregation voted to change the name of the church to University Evangelical Lutheran Church and Campus Center, which is usually shortened University Lutheran Church and Campus Center, or ULC.  Church services were held in the former fraternity house while the current church building was built.  The first service held in the new sanctuary was on July 9, 1961.

In 1970 the student center and fellowship hall was built on the location of the fraternity house, and named after the first pastor and his wife, The Kaiser Center.  It is used for church offices, meeting and gathering rooms, the church kitchen and a small library.  In 2003, the church purchased a 2-story house at 1902 NW 1st Avenue, “The 1902 House”, or simply, “The House”, located diagonally across 19th Street and NW 1st Avenue from the church parking lot.  It serves as additional space for Campus Ministry activities, and as a residence for a few student CM leaders.

Structure:  There are four salaried staff members at ULC - the pastor, the administrative assistant, the minister of music, and a part-time custodian.  Church business is conducted by an elected congregational council.  Church ministries are organized through ministry boards for campus ministry, discipleship, learning, parish life, resource, and worship, and through small appointed task force groups.